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Masters of Sport Digital Education was initiated in mid 2014. We saw a need for educational experiences between the ‘masters’ and those who love learning. With our strong beliefs in safety and organization, all material is presented from some of the most knowledgable and successful coaches and educators .

Our masters hail from a variety of backgrounds including elite coaches, dancers, scientists, medical professionals and those interested in sharing their methods, means and knowledge. Current digital books with educational materials include:

Julianne Jarrett-Snape—Learning the Fine Points—Compulsory: iBooks Store (formatted for iPad/iPhone)
Julianne Jarrett-Snape—Dance Your Way To Greater Skills: iBooks Store (formatted for iPad/iPhone)

Abbie Cole—Drills and Cues for Compulsory Beam with BONUS Complexes: iBooks Store (formatted for iPad/iPhone)

Fundamentals—Tumbling Basics
Coaching Principles
Coaching with Psychology
Basic Conditioning
Physical Preparation
Stunting and Building for Acrobatics & Tumbling
Fundamentals—Stunting principles
Flexibility and Body Alignment
Team Handbook
And More!

Movement education, biomechanics and sports psychology is a lifelong passion. A joyous journey is when athletes and coaches put together a plan, work their plan and have results that exceed their expectations…this is the thrilling part of sport.

This digital educational material is designed to explain, reiterate and construct fundamental guidelines for the basics, advanced training and skill sets of gymnastics performance and coaching. It is an attempt to keep the athlete, the coaches and the training program within a safe and successful structure. The masters from whom I personally learned from will forever have my gratitude for a great education.

Our desire is to give each athlete and their coach the most positive experience possible while building a great educational sports library.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Masters of Sports educators for their unwavering devotion to the sport and their passion to ‘pay it forward’. They are in this industry for all the right reasons.
Thank you!

Chere Hoffman Mary Wright

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