Long Term Athletic Training Programs

Developing a comprehensive long-term athletic development program in the United States is critical. The program must start at the youth level. This article will focus on ages 3–14 years. The following information is for coaches, parents, and sport organization directors.

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Training Your Coaches

Training Your Coaches is a short lecture on how to get coaches (employees) to a deeper level of commitment. Also helps the employer to better understand what it means to be a gymnastics coach in today’s industry. PART ONE—Points of view, expectation as an employer (owner) and as an employee (coach) PART TWO—Address all levels of coaches training at all ages and levels of athletes

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Leap Analysis

Great Powerpoint analysis of six (6) separate parts of the leap as performed by international female gymnasts and international male ballet dancers.

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FIG Code 2021-2024 Notes

[purchase_link id=”878″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Download Now”]Peggy Liddick, USA Olympic and Australian Olympic coach and administrator attended the FIG Code of Points seminar at Worlds in October 2019. Enclosed are her notes from this seminar. While USA does not utilize the FIG Code of Points, the rules and suggestions eventually filter down to our USA programs.

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