Masters of Sport Education

A joyous journey is when athletes and coaches put together a plan, work their plan with results that exceed their expectations…this is the thrilling part of the sport. This educational material is designed to explain, reiterate, and construct fundamental guidelines for the basics, advanced training, and skill sets of sports performance and coaching.

Planning is an attempt to keep the athlete, the coaches, and the training program within a safe and successful structure. Mary Wright and Chere Hoffman have worked hard with sports masters to secure the most up-to-date information for these “Coach Library” worthy manuals.

Types of Educational Material

Free Digital

Because we can, there will periodically be information available for free to any coach or educator wanting to add to their personal “Coaches Library”.

Video Content

Lecture material which includes video content or just raw technical video on topics relevant to safe training, skill technique, drills for skills and more for the “Coaches Library”

Print Manuals

Material developed for the printed manual is detailed and informative, definitely encouraged for the all important “Coaches Library”.

Something For Everyone!

 With our strong beliefs in safety and organization, all material is presented from some of the most knowledgable and successful coaches and educators. Our masters hail from a variety of backgrounds including elite coaches, dancers, scientists, medical professionals and those interested in sharing their methods, means and knowledge.


Most Popular: ProPacks

Our most popular Masters of Sport educational material are our ProPacks. A series of ten (10) manuals: Combinations & Routines, Extra Activities, Plyometrics, Strength & Conditioning, Verification, Skill Acquisition & Profiles, Physical Prep, Shaping Charts, Flexibility Charts, and Side Stations plus one (1), two (2), three (3) or all four (4) Annual Periodization Plans. Choose ProPack 11, ProPack 12, Propack 13, or ProPack 14. 

Video Lectures

With video rich content, our video lectures are a PowerPoint presentation converted to a PDF format, complete with video examples. our best sellers are Core Stability-Part 1 and Core Stability-Part 2 and Beam Complex-Part 1 and Beam Complex-Part 2. Each slide is complete with “what to look for’s” or “emphasis” points.

FREE Content

Some things come across our company that are just meant to be FREE. We make this material available to you for a simple download. From notes from FIG (International Federation of Gymnastics) to USAG Compulsory notes and charts, we find helpful information for our fellow peers.

Wellness Team

A Pathway to a Successful, Healthy and Comprehensive Gymnastics Program Defining a Wellness Team A healthy successful gymnastics competitive program should have a Wellness Team, or a group of stakeholders who engage in activities...

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