“Tapestry of Gymnastics”



© 2022 Mary Wright, Masters of Sport

This book covers a myriad of lessons learned and lessons earned in the 57+ years I have spent coaching gymnastics. It is the greatest gift I have to offer.....the GIVING OF ONESELF. 

Its all-consuming message is to not be afraid to make mistakes because we will learn more from those mistakes than from any Olympic medals.

We never have all the answers and many mistakes are made because we think we know. So open up your hearts and minds to always give the BEST of YOU.....EVERYDAY. 

The areas in my life where I grew exponentially were, when I was not afraid to ask, to learn, to never be afraid to try something new, to always be open for knowledge, and to admit the many mistakes made through this gymnastics journey. 

The messages here are ways in which to use “education” as a tool to assist coaches and athletes in any sport about how we learn, to always be honest with ourselves, and to coach with compassion and leadership.

I’ve written this for any gymnastics enthusiast, coach, athlete, or parent. It’s a guide, a manual, it encompasses every facet of my life during my journey as a coach - the successes and the failures, and why now, I’m able to sit back and thank God for leading me to be an advocate for athletes and coaches. 

It is written to show the many lessons we acquire through gymnastics. How we can learn the fundamental skills of LIFE through discipline, perseverance, resilience, mental toughness, grit, and passion, which sets us up to be successful in life. 

The educational tools I learned from the “greats” Dr. Jerry George, Dr. Ali Arnold, and Dr. Bill Sands, who mentored me and showed me the way. 

The bottom line is: our potential is one thing. What we do with it, is quite another. 

Mary Wright, Masters of Sport