Conditioning Program


A USECA and Masters of Sport joint project—a COMPLETE full color 52-week conditioning Program geared towards the age group and Xcel gymnast. By greatly reducing the coaches time to develop a strength program, this manual is complete and ready to go. The development of the Condition Program includes the ability to tailor the program and tasks to the level of athlete using the program. From the youngest to the oldest, this easy to use program is a must for every coaches library. The chapters on Plyometrics and Handstand Development are an extra bonus and are a great addition to the overall program.


USECA (US Elite Coaches Association) and Masters of Sport announce a joint project, “Conditioning Program” for the age group and Xcel athletes. In an expanded 52-week program, the Conditioning Program offers a complete and comprehensive system saving valuable coach planning hours.

As a vital part of overall training of our gymnasts, the 150-page Conditioning Program is separated into the four phases of Periodization Planning: Transition Phase, General Phase, Specific Phase, and Competitive Phase. Every 4-weeks, the tasks (exercises) change to keep the athlete interest and to add variety to a strength program.

Each 4-week segment offers 8-10 maintenance tasks and 10 strength tasks. The assigned exercises can be performed by the youngest level athlete to the more advanced athlete by tailoring the difficulty assigned. “A” level to “D” level can be performed on each exercise along with the prescribed number of sets to be performed from 1 to 3.

This FULL COLOR manual is easy to use, well thought out and a must for all programs. It will save time for the coach by reducing the planning hours needed to develop a strength and conditioning program.

Extra chapters include Plyometric Exercises and Handstand Development.