Wellness Team


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Defining a Wellness Team

A healthy successful competitive gymnastics program should have a Wellness Team, or a group of stakeholders who engage in activities to support and promote the gym’s overall wellness program.

By coordinating with other specialists and through good Technical Experts management skills, a Wellness Team will increase the standard of athlete care to an above-standard level. The expertise each specialist brings to the overall care of the child-athletes’ program will increase the athletes’ safety and healthy longevity in the sport.

Through the coordinated planning of all areas of an athletes’ needs, the Wellness Team creates a safety web of professionals that can only help in reducing training errors, injuries, and increase mental and emotional health ‘dips’ by providing an environment conducive to safe and protective athlete training protocols.

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The Wellness Team

Technical Expert (Coaching Staff)

  • Strategist
  • Bio Mechanic, Anatomy & Physiology

Recovery Expert

  • Injury Prevention
  • Return to Play—Post Injury

Emergency Services Expert

  • First Aid, CPR, AED Protocols
  • Pit Extraction Protocol

Nutrition Expert

  • Female Athlete Triad
  • Peak Performance

Psychological Expert

  • Mental Strategies
  • Athlete Potential

Child Development Expert

  • Physical Development
  • Emotional, Intellectual, Social Development