Athlete’s Journal


“Vision Board”

Athletes learn how to chart their year by creating a Vision Board. We all have a mountain to climb, it´s how we climb that mountain with all of its obstacles, that determines our success. It is about the athletes’ thoughts, feelings, what they want, and how they will get it. The Athlete’s Journal is complimentary to the “Meetings” Manual for coaches.

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The kids need some positive reinforcement, not just on how to get comfortable with their skills again, but they need to feel motivated. They need to know that you, the coach, has their back. They need to know that they can work on new skills, that they can physically see their progress on a daily basis. They need to know that they have the ability to control their destiny throughout their gymnastics training. We give them the Skill to work towards, and they determine the way to get there.

Athlete Journal: As a sidekick to the Meetings Manual, the Athlete Journal is a 52+ journaling book with tons of information on how to set goals in the beginning section. Each page offers a healthy quote and affirmations for the athlete, places to record how they felt about their workout, accountability charts for each of the phases within the periodization year

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