Plyometric Circuits and Charts


Masters of Sport has provided three (3) Charts for plyometric training. One Circuit is for the 5-week bout, one, EnduroPly® is a Masters of Sport original tumbling/plyometric circuit. The remaining circuit is called Plyo Chart and is a less-intense 1-2 day bouts offered periodically throughout the annual plan

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Plyometric Circuits and Charts

PLYOMETRICS: 4-week bout in middle of Max Strength, August

  • 4-week bout in Conversion-1, November
  • 4-week bout in Maintenance-1, Mid-January to Mid-February
  • Smaller, less dramatic/intense 1-2 day bouts occur Mid-September, Mid-December, end-February 

WHAT IS PLYOMETRICS: Jump training exercises where muscles  exert maximum force in short intervals of time with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). Focus is learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or “explosive” manner.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: While plyo exercises show benefits for reducing lower extremity injuries, there is a factor of increased injury due to the large force generated  during the exercise. Should ONLY be performed by well conditioned athletes under supervision, must have adequate rest periods in-between exercise bouts.

BENEFITS OF PLYOMETRICS: Improves muscular strength and jump abilities which therefore increases power.

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