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Combinations and Routines manual provides the coach with a very specific plan for the athlete when the annual plan calls for combinations and routines. Reducing the athlete’s routine to specific parts and sections will help ensure the athletes safety and over all training success.

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Masters of Sport has provided a Combinations and Routines breakdown sample for Level 8. The sample routines show how to breakdown routines to use throughout the annual plan.


  1. Training for routines is difficult and taxing on the athlete’s body.
  2. Gymnastics, due to its difficulty, should not impose full difficulty routines upon its athletes from the start of their season.
  3. Use a step-up process to train muscular endurance from short and long combinations to modified full routines and finally full routines. This process will help with the development of the athlete as well as their safety.
  4. Use these guidelines as suggested within the Level 8 Periodization Charts.
  • Short Combinations—Combinations of three (3) to four (4) skills, usually in chronological order
  • Long Combinations —Combinations of four (4) to six (6) skills, usually in chronological order and sometimes overlapping
  • 1/2 Modified Routine—Approximately 1/2 of the routine with lower level skills replacing full difficulty. May also have some skills at full difficulty with lower level skills for the remainder.
  • 1/2 Full Routine—Full difficulty for each half of each routine. Overlapping of each 1/2 is highly suggested.
  • Full Modified Routine —Full routine with modified skill difficulty or choreography or both.
  • Full Routine—All difficulty—no modifications.
  • Double Routine—Double some of the difficulty within a full routine, or full modified routine. Caution.

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