Periodization Building Blocks


Periodization Building Blocks uses the process of training an athlete in an incremental manner from the post season to peak performance vital to keeping athletes safe and in shape for the season.

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A big mistake is not applying a long-term development model for teaching young athletes. Therefore, we consistently apply inappropriate work loads followed by inadequate recovery time. Periodization Building Blocks is a method to organize volume, intensities, and cycles of training through out the season. Most importantly, it’s the process of training an athlete in an incremental manner from the post season to peak performance.

With periodization being a sports science, it is adjustable to meet the needs of a particular athlete or set program. Prior to starting the competitive season, coaches who implement Periodization Building Blocks will certainly save time and effort.

Most gyms have training groups with multiple levels of athletes. Based on a 52-week year, Periodization Building Blocks annual plan is designed to work with a mixed training group. While Level 9/10 athletes usually have the longest season, the Level 6/7/8’s remain on the same schedule. After lower levels are finished with their competition season, they enjoy their well deserved Transition Phase returning to the gym invigorated and ready to attack their General Preparation Phase.

The younger the athlete, the more time is necessary for their general gymnastics development. As the annual plan progresses, tweaking the numbers during a training period or the increasing the days off (recovery) results in a safer and healthier athlete.

By purchasing Periodization Building Blocks, the coach will save time and energy creating a great training plan!

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