Verification and Testing


Masters of Sport has provided a compete PAT Verification Form for use during the three (3) verifications required during the annual plan.

Data leads to good intentional conversations about what is going on. It is a method to become more targeted, more individualized in the athletes performance and safety. Testing skill development, flexibility, power and strength in gymnastics is imperative to safety.

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Verification and Testing

Masters of Sports has provided a complete verification and testing physicality and flexibility form for use with the annual plan. It is included in the VERIFICATION MANUAL.

Besides the obvious required skill dictated movement patterns per level, proper and equal flexibility within each athlete will help prevent injury due to lack of range of motion.

Standardize testing occurs throughout the year by using the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) norms. Avoid using ‘eye-ball’ testing. Best if the same tester is used for each flexibility test to provide a proper standard. Areas to be tested: L/R/C Split—Shoulders—Hamstring—Hip Flexor—Achilles.

All athletes should be reviewed in ‘movement systems’ patterns. The basic movement tests are performed to identify weakness between front and back, left and right parts of the body. 

Irregularities or pain in movement will signify a special program should be developed for that athlete to correct the irregularity. Both strength and movement patterns can be affected.

Use Flexibility Verification within the Physical Abilities Test (PAT). Exercises and forms are included.

Specific dates are set for Flexibility Verification, however, the coach(es) need to use their discretion in adding other timeframes to test athletes flexibility. This can be performed as a team or just to an individual.

  • Core Strength
    • Leg Lifts
    • Press Handstands
  • Lower Body
    • Sit and Reach
    • Torso Bend FWD 
  • Upper Body
    • Bridge
    • Back Scratch
    • Arm/Trunk Extension
  • Legs
    • Forward Split—R & L
    • Center Split— R & L
  • Speed & Power
    • Vertical Jump
    • 20-Meter Sprint
    • Long Jump
    • Pistol Squats—R & L
  • Endurance Muscular—Upper Body
    • 1-Minute Push Ups
    • 1-Minute Pull Ups (Chin Ups)
    • 20-Seconds Dips
    • Rope Climb
  • Endurance Muscular—Core
    • 1-minute Sit Ups
  • Endurance Muscular—Lower Body
    • Leg Raise FWD—R & L
    • Leg Raise SWD—R & L
  • Balance Strength
    • Handstand Hold
    • Cast Handstands

Perform all twenty-three (23) exercises within each PAT testing period. Best if each exercise is tested by the same administrator for consistency.

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