Blue Print Pro Pack 12


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Blue Print Pro Pack 12

Masters of Sports offers several bundles, called Pro Packs, containing 10 supporting manuals AND annual plans. The material found in the following manuals are applicable to ALL levels of training groups and athletes. The separate Pro Pack 12 contains TWO (2) 52-Week Annual Plans from this list: Xcel (training 3-days per week), Level 6/7 (training 4-days per week), Level 8 (training 5-days per week), and Level 9/10 (training 6-days per week). The number of days per week training will fluctuate, depending on the time of year….during the summer, Level 9/10 train 5-days per week, but have two-a-day trainings twice in a week.The separate Pro Pack 12 contains TWO (2) 52-Week Annual Plans you choose.

  1. Verification and Testing Charts
  2. Shaping Charts
  3. Flexibility Charts
  4. Extra Activities Charts
  5. Strength and Conditioning Charts and Circuits
  6. Physical Preparation Charts
  7. Skill Acquisition and Skill Profiles
  8. Combinations and Routines
  9. Plyometric Circuit and Charts
  10. Side Stations Charts

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