Physical Preparation


Each set of exercises have seven (7) stages of difficulty enabling the exercise to be used for ALL levels from beginning to strong and through out ALL phases of the annual Plan.

Each box containing the exercise has a blank “Sets/Reps” allowing each athlete to work at their strength level. Are marked with: “Sets 1 – 2 – 3”  and “Reps 5 – 10 – 15 – 20”

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Physical Preparation

Masters of Sport has provided exercises for PHYSICAL PREPARATION. The exercises are to be used for ALL phases of the annual training period.

  1. Proper physical preparation of the athlete should be the base of every gymnastics program with goals and aspirations of producing advanced level gymnasts. 
  2. There is no substitute to this rule. 
  3. One can be more organized, more efficient, can be better technically, can be more motivational but there is no replacement for proper and adequate physical preparation. 
  4. This is not a new concept and certainly not just for gymnasts. 
  5. Most coaches understand that stronger and faster athletes will generally beat out weaker and slower ones. 
  6. All successful conditioning programs have very distinct commonalities:
  7. Have a consistent application of the expectations of how conditioning exercises are to be executed 
  8. Have a passionate coaching staff willing to smartly guide athletes through perceived limitations
  9. Have a plan built around sound fundamental beliefs

Each section of the body is covered:

  • A — Upper Core — Front
  • B — Lower Core — Front — Straight
  • C — Lower Core — Front — Tuck
  • D — Upper Core — Back
  • E — Lower Core — Back
  • F — Side Core — Oblique
  • G — Arms — Chest
  • H — Shoulders — Chest — Back
  • I — Shoulders
  • J — Legs
  • K — Jumps
  • L — Shapes — Holds

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