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Each weekly page includes reference to the other supplemental charts and circuits needed for that week. Some examples are, “Flexibility Verification” or “Side Station Charts” or “General Strength Circuit”. Being organized with supplemental parts of the Xcel Annual Plan will help ensure success and make it easier to implement.

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The Xcel Annual plan contains the weekly event lessons based on the Annual Periodization Plan. For s COMPLETE understanding of how the Annual Plan works, we highly suggest you first completely understand the periodization process. Masters of Sport publication, “Periodization Building Blocks” is available for this process.

Each week is displayed with 7 days, starting with Sunday.

The Annual Plan

For instance, start with the Transition Phase (3 weeks) from the 2018-2019 Season (ending with Xcel Regionals/Invitational). Finish with the Transition Phase for the 2019-2020 Season (3 weeks). This is a total of 55+ weeks of planning.

As a result, the important functions from the annual plan such as plyometrics, testing flexibility and more have also been included in the week they are to occur.

As we are aware, coaches usually have more than one level per training group. These plans will aid the coach in implementing sound training methods per level. When the training cycle calls for a pre-season Mock Meet, as an example, all groups will also have this on their plan.

For example, Bronze and Silver complete their season earlier than Diamond and Platinum. When the lower level athletes are finished, they immediately go into their “Transition Phase” (or “Fun”) stage for 3-weeks. After completing the 3-week prescribed ‘rest’ period, they start with their “General Preparation Phase”. Lower level athletes will have more weeks in their General Preparation than the higher levels within the Xcel Annual Plan. Most important for this younger level!

When Diamond and Platinum complete their season, takes their “Fun” 3-weeks of prescribed rest…they will join the others in the group in the General Prep Phase, all a part of the Xcel Annual Plan.

Remember, the 3-weeks of Transition or Fun Phase is NOT 3-weeks out of the gym. It is one full week out of the gym and the next 2-weeks are spent doing fun hiking, biking, etc. with the athletes. Create a FUN BOOT CAMP!

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