Shaping Chart


Shaping is an integral part of the athlete’s overall development. It is a daily part of their training and is performed on every event and at times, during the conditioning circuits. Masters of Sport has provided shaping exercises using physiological balls, sliders and suspension straps.

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Shaping Chart

Masters of Sport has provided a Sliders Chart and a Physic Ball Chart for the shaping exercises. Coaches should expand these charts to fill the needs of their gym and team levels.

Shapes Chart refers to the Sliders Chart, which uses sliders and the Ball Chart, which uses large physic balls to attain gymnastics shaping. When the conditions calls for a Shapes Chart, it is the Coaches Choice to pick which Shapes Chart to use.

Using large exercise balls combined with sliders, bands and weights to work a wide variety of body part exercises. 

Using sliders, exercises have been designed to bring variety to the athletes conditioning plan. Addresses the upper body, core and lower extremities, sliders are fun and different.

The use of straps for conditioning and shaping is bringing a new and fun activity to the athletes. Recovery path athletes as well will benefit greatly from using straps as they can support the injured part of the body while performing conditioning. Straps are easy to set up and use.

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